Adopt a dynamic technology with Pre-Composed Solutions

Iñaki BarturenApril 19, 2022

It usually takes several months of specialized work to achieve a digitalization fully adapted to our brand. Building, deploying, and optimizing distinctive digital commerce is not easy, so today some companies prefer adopting ready-to-deploy solutions, better known as Pre-Composed Solutions.

These solutions contain almost all the commercial functionalities to accelerate your e-commerce platform. Following the headless technology, it allows a fast integration to your systems.

Adopt a dynamic technology with Pre-Composed Solutions

It’s time to speed up your eCommerce

Digitalization has been a priority for many companies over the past few years, particularly because of the wide-ranging offers, such as cost savings and the use of high-end technologies (including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics). However, the pandemic changed everything, and now we must even double our digital efforts.

More than 2,2 million digital shoppers in Chile have joined since the beginning of 2020. Today’s consumer preferences differ from those before COVID-19; therefore, it is important to deliver customized services.

What are Pre-Composed Solutions?

Pre-Composed Solutions are ready-made solutions for our business. Among the best, in our opinion, are those developed by Elastic Path Commerce that pre-integrates the main functions needed for our business, third-party solutions, and our choosing customization. The goal is that we can implement digital experiences in a flexible and less risky way.

Instead of using a generic platform, we leverage technologies that use modular approaches to platform construction, like JAMstack. The advantage of these solutions is the speed with which a commercial platform is enabled, and thus, allows us to adapt to changing market dynamics.

In other words, creating a solution tailored to our business and with the ability to differentiate us requires the union of many moving parts. The Pre-Composed Solutions accelerate the work of joining all modules. Everything is linked beforehand, and its implementation is reduced to the linkage with your system, for example in product inventory and stock.

Brands should know that the future is modular

The compilation of pre-assembled tools has the advantage of remaining as modular architecture. Elastic Path’s case is cloud-hosted services, resulting in greater optimization of scaling and operations performance.

These technologies have a proficiency that facilitates the fast deployment of new solutions (or upgrades) in changing environments. Elastic Path’s Pre-Composed alternatives, in addition to business functionality, also offer third-party solutions and allow for deep customization, so brands can implement experiences on the go; with more flexibility and less risk.

We all know that technologies and user preferences evolve daily. Just as in 2019, we didn’t imagine such an accelerated digital adoption into the future; in a couple of years, the digital experience may need to adapt to a new paradigm. That’s why it is crucial to integrate solutions that have agile technology.

Adopt a dynamic technology with Pre-Composed Solutions 2

What can we do with Pre-Composed Solutions?

First of all, by leveraging Composable Commerce’s benefits, we will be able to:

  • Give personalized experiences by any touchpoint.
  • Run business campaigns that have complex requirements with few technical resources.
  • Generate a competitive advantage by adjusting customer needs, offering flexibility, and swiftly implementing solutions.
    • Now, there are a variety of Pre-Composed Solutions built to support different business models, providing from specific experiences to ready-to-launch websites.

      Considering that there are many pre-composed solutions, and we can work on several projects with each one, let’s look at some specific examples to get an idea.

      Let’s start by reviewing some specific solutions for B2B commerce.

      • On the one hand, we can enable complex experiences with advanced budgeting, account management, subscriptions, support for large catalogs, and more.
      • Another example of use is getting a B2B business up and running in record time, thanks to pre-built solutions that provide everything needed to set up an e-commerce business in just two weeks.
        • But for B2C businesses, there are many things we can do. For instance, a pre-built solution designed for conversational commerce would let us have omnichannel conversations with customers, display catalogs, and facilitate the sale of products through people’s preferred messaging channels.

          At Reign, we specialize in creating tailored platforms for large companies, from design to production. If it comes to pre-composed solutions, we have first-hand knowledge of their tool’s potential. But did we tell you that we are also a partner of Elastic Path? We have known and used these commercial solutions for our customers for a long time.

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