Contentful helps to secure your platform

Iñaki BarturenNovember 26, 2021

When you implement Contentful, you gain greater security in your platform, thanks to the benefits of working with decoupled systems. Creating platforms with an API-First approach allows you to incorporate the pieces that respond to the real needs of companies; for example, a content management system like Contentful provides the possibility of having all your products available in any channel and under the same backend system.

Contentful helps protect your platform

IT security is the foundation of your entire platform

As we understand it, information security is all the technologies that help you prevent attacks or malicious software and allow you to comply with privacy regulations, transparency, and integrity in using the private data collected.

The latter is a fundamental aspect to recognize the security offered by some SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. The documentation on the protection and use of private data that companies store should be the main aspects, as they show the seriousness with which companies work.

So, an effective way to protect your systems is to build from a headless approach like the JAMstack architecture. By working with different SaaS, your platform decreases contact areas, so you reduce potential breaches. In addition, each vendor takes care of the rigorousness of their security standards, which contributes to a better understanding of the product.

For example, Contentful has developed security standards in line with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, which ensures systematic monitoring of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, keeping people informed about the status of the service on an ongoing basis (you can view this certification here).

Contentful is always ready for scaling your platform

From its 5 APIs, Contentful communicates with your systems and delivers all the content that your platform requires. It does not depend on or affect your computer resources or servers since this type of modular software is cloud-based. Therefore, they have their own infrastructure and elastic systems that automatically increase resources when demand rises.

The headless or decoupled approach allows all client-side functionalities to work independently from the security of your systems, protecting you and taking care of the people who use your platform. Additionally, each cloud-based service is autonomous, so the failure of one in an incident will not impact the others.

Contentful, which is a cloud CMS, boasts a 99.99% uptime rate as of late. So, when it's time to move towards a global reach, you'll have the peace of mind of having products that have the optimal conditions to scale with you and comply with international regulations, giving you the security of creating world-class products.

Contentful helps protect your platform 2

Contentful on a grand scale: Eurovision Song Contest

Do you know the Eurovision Song Contest? The oldest program that still broadcasts in the world and is internationally known for the quality of its events. In 2020 the competition had to be suspended due to health restrictions as a result of the pandemic, so for this 2021, the organizers followed the global impulse and bet on digitization.

The plan was ambitious, to generate a digital platform (in 3D) that would recreate the same experience as in person, only through a device. Of course, the challenge was not only one device but also hundreds of millions of different devices connected simultaneously and interacting with the various digital points enabled, with constant updates, complementary information, Q&A, etc. A mega digital event.

To meet these challenges, Contentful was chosen to distribute the content globally. Its conditions gave the confidence to use it as a cloud CMS to bring the event to 12 different regions of the world so that its millions of viewers could live the same experience.

Thanks to its Content Delivery API (CDA), Contentful can distribute all published content and its constant updates in fractions of a second. In addition, by relying on a CDN for distribution, once the content is uploaded it can be consumed from any connection point.

The event was a success: more than a week of presentations and digital interactions. And while we don't know if the modality will be replicated next year, what we do know for sure is that it was a milestone in the creation of mega digital events, which over time will become more frequent and sophisticated thanks to software like Contentful.

At Reign, we are a Contentful Gold Partner because our decoupled way of creating digital platforms requires agile and flexible solutions to the needs of each company. We work under our modular approach, incorporating only the best in class, as Contentful is in content management.

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