Contentful improves your content experience

Felipe SilbersteinAugust 25, 2021

Contentful is a headless CMS that never ceases to amaze us. Reign has been using it for a long time for new deployments of the best e-commerce brands with exceptional results. And it's not just a matter of our perception, this month, Forbes listed Contentful as one of the 100 outstanding private cloud-based companies of 2021. Weeks before, it had been introduced as a shiny new unicorn.

These awards endorse this headless CMS as an innovation that pushes the limit in its scope since it provides a complete solution to content management, adding intelligence.

Contentful improves your content experience

Contentful turns your information into valuable content

Contentful is a headless CMS that enables to decouple content editing from your platform development, so that design, content, and development teams can work in parallel.

  • It allows you to manage the entire content cycle and distribute it into spaces.
  • You will be able to handle each component as buildable blocks on your site, enriched and with clear structures which allow flexibility in the face of change, standardized design, and formats, ready for reuse.
    • That is the difference between any CMS and a smart one like Contentful. Your content will be fast and consistent in all its components, a customer journey that begins with your content well positioned in search engines, and this, as you may already suppose, is favored thanks to working with a headless structure.

SEO Facts: What you should never forget

Perhaps you already know about SEO and its importance in the success of any site on the web, so you know that:

  • Google conducts more than 90% of internet searches. And if we talk about search via mobile devices, that number rises to almost 95%.
  • On average, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day.
  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine (probably Google, as you may suppose).
  • Only 0.78% of users using Google select results from the second search page.
    • Surprising, right? If you still think that SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are not that significant, let's consider that, on average, a person spends almost 7 hours a day on the internet globally, and we have minded the SEO figures, you will understand why it is so critical that your content is strategically positioned in search engines.

      Do we agree on wanting your site to reach the first search results page? It is decisive for your potential clients to find you.

Contentful improves your content experience 2

Your content is the heart of the customer journey

After they have found your site, your content and its quality will continue to encourage your customers to discover more.

  • Your site must respond in a matter of seconds and instantly display all the essential content needed to welcome your potential customers.
  • An incomplete or extended loading time impacts the customer experience. Broken links and unloaded images are one of the best "threats" in lead conversion. Thus, a classic mistake of the platforms using monolithic CMS is that they excessively bulge their sites, preventing the servers from responding quickly to requests.
    • If you're still keeping your old platform, take another look at the figures above and think: where am I in the search engine results? How long does my site take for initial loading?

      Consider that whoever visits your site wants a clear image and accurate information that appropriately describes what they are looking for. But in addition, they need to be known and pleased. That visitor can become a customer, but that requires living the entire experience of your brand to decide. That is what we also know as customer experience.

Maximize your customer experience thanks to Contentful

If you know JAMstack, you should understand that static content is light, and when managed by a headless CMS, gets a considerable advantage in loading speed, security, and stability. The latter provides peace of mind on the organization and the power to access from any device for the customer.

  • In this way, an advantage of using Contentful is the freedom to create your own content model. You can configure the requirements such as titles, tags, or meta-description to better fit search engines.
  • Turn your content into an invitation; to know more, to browse more, in short, to love your brand much more. In other words, content that inspires to continue the brand discovery journey.
  • Modular content is yet another Contentful advantage, with blocks that can be reused throughout the customer journey. Publish and edit content autonomously without affecting the platform, with the ability to provide quick responses to changes in customer trends.
    • Digitization speeds up business transformations, and having the technology to build new experiences quickly is the best way to prepare for them. Reign is ready with the best stack to provide you with the speed you need; we are Gold Contentful Partners because we recognize the benefits this technology brings to corporate brands.

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