Contentful shares your brand’s story on any channel

Iñaki BarturenApril 05, 2022

In the current context of digital transformation and the rise of e-commerce activity, content has taken a central role in digital marketing. It is essential to catch people’s attention and drive them along the customer journey since digital interaction stagnates when the audience fails to access it.

We optimize the customer experience completely in all channels they use to interact with the brand when we put the user at the center of the content strategy. This is very important, considering that people value the shopping experience and the quality of digital interactions. In fact, figures compiled by Omnisend show that brands that use an omnichannel strategy have a purchase frequency of 250% higher than those focused on a single channel.

Contentful shares your brand’s story on any channel

Contentful helps us distribute quality content on every channel

Contentful is much more than a content management system (CMS) hosted in the cloud. It is an API-first content platform that allows us to create experiences, manage content in a unified way, and distribute it in the channels chosen by each brand.

It operates under the Headless architecture, which separates the frontend from the backend to give more flexibility in designing and developing web pages. If applied to content operations, it brings together different channels into a single operations system and facilitates content entities’ fast construction.

We can post the same content, i.e., a video, in the online store, on a landing page, the marketing website, and a mobile application, without affecting the design and always obtaining the same interaction quality with the customer.

This is because the content management system does not take care of the frontend rendering. This function is delegated to obtain flexibility, scalability, consistency, and simplicity in the content’s presentation to the end-user.

Content distribution infrastructure

Contentful has its own content delivery network (CDN), based on a global network of distribution nodes. It lets us deliver content 24/7 without difficulty.

Content model management

This headless CMS opens up the possibility of designing and creating customized content models suited to each brand and audience’s specific features and needs.

In other words, Contentful allows you to define how the content will be managed, what the entities are, and their relationships and hierarchies. This gives you the freedom to generate content models, which is why Contentful is considered content infrastructure.

An ideal CMS for Atomic Design

Contentful is perfect for implementing Atomic Design in the content model by having all content in a single workspace and distributing it using APIs. In short, it accelerates UI development, encourages component reuse, and frees the content teams’ creativity.

If you still are not familiar with Atomic Design or it’s the first time you read about it, check out our blog and learn more about this methodology.

Omnichannel content distribution

Contentful works with 5 different APIs. But, speaking specifically about the one in charge of the content-created distribution, the CDA (Content Delivery API) allows us to deliver the content wherever our brand has visibility.

By communicating via API calls and distributing mainly JSON data —also images and videos— all our systems and interfaces receive the same information. It makes your content highly compatible across devices.

Code-free content management

Given the fact that Contentful is built on APIs, you can also manage content without needing to code. This helps increase autonomy between content and development teams because Contenful’s interface is quite simple and intuitive to use.

These features, especially the omnichannel distribution of content, help us to be agile, to focus content strategies on people, and to tell the same story —our story— even in different ways across the channels where we have digital interaction.

Contentful shares your brand’s story on any channel 2

Meeting people’s changing requirements

Contentful’s content operations approach is crucial in the current context of commerce digitalization, and the economy overall. It enables marketing and content teams to meet audience demands and implement change on the fly.

We should consider that people look for new ways to interact with content. Technical, personal, and even generational aspects affect consumers’ digital interaction with the brand.

The Manufacturing Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends With Insights for 2022 study, for example, indicates that videos (86%) and articles/ publications (83%) are the types of content most used by marketers. However, younger millennials are the ones consuming the most audiovisual content from their smartphones, and older generations prefer reading blogs.

People will interact on the web with those brands that meet their needs and guarantee a first-class experience in multiple channels: online stores, social networks, and marketplaces.

This has led to Contentful being adopted by brands as diverse as coffee specialists and luxury goods stores when creating their eCommerce.

A strategic partner

At Reign, our specialty is developing platforms with headless technology, and we believe that this web architecture is ready for future challenges. We are a Gold Partner of Contentful and of the best service providers for creating modular platforms.

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