Contentful: Unleash developers and boost business

Iñaki BarturenJuly 02, 2021

Contentful is not just another CMS but rather a customizable content platform, which allows setting the content structure at the core to be distributed regardless of the device requiring it.

Contentful: Unleash developers and boost business

Contentful is not just another CMS but rather a customizable content platform, which allows setting the content structure at the core to be distributed regardless of the device requiring it.

One of the limiting factors of conventional CMSs like WordPress is that they are conditioned to be content model and language-specific, limiting both creativity in front-end development and the stack that will display said content.

Thus, headless CMS offers better future-proof adaptability since by not interfering with the front-end and mediating communications via API calls; structured content can be reused on various platforms and devices.

In short: since content deployment is not conditioned, this type of CMS is used when seeking to strengthen brand omnichannel strategy.

Headless CMS vs. Decoupled CMS: considerations

Two solutions to the limitations of a monolithic or conventional CMS are headless CMS or decoupled CMS. It may be wrong to confuse both types of content managers when addressing the benefits of using this type of system. How are they different?

  • In a hypothetical headless CMS vs. decoupled CMS, perhaps the most relevant characteristic is the provision for content delivery, where the former has a reactive approach and the latter is proactive.
  • While a headless CMS has nothing to do with how the content will be displayed on the front-end, a decoupled CMS does provide tools and frameworks to structure the content display; that is, it comes with the header as a supplement in case it is wished to be used.
    • The key is in the fact that using a headless CMS allows organizations or brands to use front-end technologies in the way they choose.

Contentful is not just a headless CMS

Contentful is a headless CMS, but much smarter. In fact, it is defined as a two-part content platform: the first is the space where all the content is housed, and the second are the tools that allow content to be displayed on any device.

  • As a content platform, Contentful positions the content strategy and model as its axis. For this purpose, it uses its API-first philosophy, which oversees providing the content.
  • Content management in Contentful is done through the Contentful data model, which logically organizes projects into spaces that allow grouping all file types required from the content (content-type); videos, images, and texts.
  • Each space can have its content model, which will represent the content types (among 50 patterns) that will correspond to JSON objects, which will be transmitted via API calls.
    • Thanks to Contentful's cloud-based infrastructure, agile developments can be made based on the COPE (create once, publish everywhere) practice by allowing content to be reused; for example, via the Reference type, which will be linked by identifiers with some type of content that has already been created.

Contentful: Unleash developers and boost business

No predefined design limits and no programming language conditions. Contentful frees developers.

Set free with Contenful

The content living in the cloud is distributed via a CDN (content delivery network). Since all the information is available at various nodes in the network, it will be retrieved from the closest node to the location, reducing loading times.

The closeness principle works together with the commandment of being as light as possible. When dealing with static sites, the server's use intensity is reduced, returning savings on hosting services.

Remembering the Contentful data model mentioned above, the calls to JSON objects (content type) hosted in the project space are executed regardless of the device requesting it; they will be able to receive an adequate response and viewing, since Contentful includes SDKs to synchronize the content for web or mobile applications.

All these features free developers from tedious server and database maintenance processes, the stress of downtime when there is an increase in concurrency or in the deployment of updates.

Let developers develop; this is the philosophy driving the use of Contentful, allowing the creativity of developers to soar and provide quick responses to changes in the behavior of the customer experience (customer experience or CX) not limited by a predefined design structure and not conditioned by the coding language to be used.

Customer Experience & Contentful

Contentful is a very well-thought-out content management strategy, empowering brands by giving them the freedom to develop the strategy but also boosting them in displaying search results on the web.

  • Brands are strengthened thanks to the SEO strategy in Contentful : static websites loading objects as rich texts via calls and are geographically close are search engines favorites, especially when they respond regardless of device.

  • In other words, brands gain visibility by benefiting from their organic positioning. This enables the development of an omnichannel strategy, all focusing on improving digital interaction with customers, which is decisive for Google.

  • The benefit of employing SEO in Contentful allows brands to be better prepared for the arrival of any new device, quickly deploying updates to be visible and affordable.

  • All these features and ties - which are strengthened using Contentful - imply savings by reducing costs and increasing potential sales by increasing visibility and being available at all times and places.

    • Take the next step today with a Contentful platform, provide a better CX and boost the profitability of your business. Reign is the Gold Partner that will help you on this path; it is time to move on.