Enhancing the digital experience: 2 Contentful’s cases

Felipe SilbersteinFebruary 03, 2022

Contentful has become a key player in creating digital experiences because it redefines how new projects are created and launched. Regardless of your company's industry and the purpose of your platform, this headless CMS helps your teams embrace greater flexibility and freedom in building a world-class digital experience.

1-Mejorando la experiencia digital- X usos de Contentful

The importance of digital experience for companies

When we talk about the digital experience (DX), we mean the emotions and decisions people experience during their journey and at all digital interaction points. For example, in an eCommerce, it could be from the moment a person enters the platform, through the product purchase to receive their receipt by email with a thank-you message.

One of the effects of the pandemic was that digital transformation caught up many aspects of our lives in a short time. According to the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, global companies accelerated their products and services digitalization in an average of 7 years, and this happened only in the first 6 months of 2020. A speed that, without pandemic pressure, was unimaginable for the vast majority.

On the other hand, people also changed their expectations and started to demand these transformations, as a requirement, to become customers or users. Factors such as platform performance and integrations, journey personalization, or subscription programs became a trend, and it's not just our opinion; Forbes says so.

Sophisticate your platform experience with Contentful

The momentum gained by digital channels led them to become a key piece in the business. Hence, the platforms' sophistication and the digital experience they offer become a priority; it meant extending the scope of action to all types of electronic devices capable of rendering sites and apps.

Here is where Contentful shined because working with a headless approach gives you complete freedom to push your content to any channel you enable. Contentful helps with content management, so your teams won't need to edit code to publish or edit posts, nor will you need a dense server-side architecture to manage your channels, significantly increasing performance.

Thus, this decoupled approach aid collaborative work between teams, reducing the time to launch new projects and allowing innovation to gain ground in digital experience creation.

1-Mejorando la experiencia digital- X usos de Contentful

Contentful use cases for major brands

Today, we can already recognize the importance of having a digital industry. The idea of digital-first has enabled major brands in all industries to create and even improve the relationship they establish with their customers.

Creating a first-class eCommerce: Embonor S.A.

We love to talk about the Embonor case. We were challenged to enable an eCommerce platform with a national reach. On the one hand, this challenge contemplated the creation of a B2C site with its digital experience. On the other hand, the interconnection of the systems in a way that we could also promote a B2B platform.

The first thing was to synchronize a vast product catalog with the rest of the systems; a lot of structured metadata (thousands of products) needed to flow end-to-end with complete accuracy and without interruption.

Contentful was the logistical heart that allowed us to manage all that data to bring it to the customer in the different digital channels. With this CMS, we also generated banners and all the marketing content, which streamlined people's digital experience.

An important fact: thanks to the API-First approach, the linking between systems is simplified to API calls, enabling high compatibility and performance, two key factors when creating digital architecture.

A global strategy for medical management: Bupa Chile

The digital experience has quickly become the standard by which people measure the quality of a company. Thus, this task becomes vital for companies with multiple sites in different world regions.

Do you have the right technology? We have had clients answering affirmatively, but when we go in-depth, we find multiple CMS and legacy systems to operate in the different channels they have.

Our best card is to use Contentful’s Content Management API (or content hub) for these cases, a layer that allows unifying all content management systems in a single logistics engine. In addition, this system is accessible to developers via the command line and has its own interface so that content managers can operate without needing any line of code.

This versatility makes Contentful the best alternative for large corporations that need to manage multiple sites and applications, as Bupa Chile's case, the national subsidiary of a global healthcare conglomerate.

In this case, our approach was to implement Atomic Design to generate a design system that provided consistency across the different sites. We drove it through the content hub, reducing the complexity of operating various sites.

This allowed Bupa to have a consistent digital experience at the local level in the different sites for scheduling medical hours, internal portals, and customer service sites.

At Reign, we are partners that seek constant innovation and continuous improvement. That's why we are a Contentful Gold Partner, as it allows us to create flexible and easy to modify models for both developers and content managers — briefly, for everyone. The best part is that Contentful adapts and operates with the same quality regardless of the scale of the challenge, making it ideal for all types of companies.