Future-proof combination: JAMstack + Cloud

Iñaki BarturenFebruary 14, 2022

According to your own needs, the JAMstack methodology is all about making your platform the best. Those of us who follow this work philosophy put aside the idea of making a one-size-fits-all solution, and instead, we focus on really addressing the specific needs of each business.

We use the best cloud-based technologies to achieve this, which give you all the dynamics you require. It is one of the first advantages of this decoupled approach methodology; high flexibility and compatibility of its components.

Future-proof combination: JAMstack + Cloud

The secret of high performance in JAMstack: HTML distributed by CDNs

Has it ever happened to you that you know a platform you love, but when you access it from your cell phone, it doesn't load? Imagine that was your platform; what would they think of your brand? It is more frequent than you think, and it is a real problem in web development.

Colombia has promoted a public policy of population digitalization. For example, according to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, during 2021, 2,638 free internet zones were set up in urban and rural public spaces. With the constant growth in the use of cell phones, these connection points cannot match the speed of a fixed network.

JAMstack is a headless web development methodology based on static sites with an API-first philosophy. All integrations are communicated via API calls, which simplifies communication between systems from the backend as it is a highly compatible protocol. While on the client-side, content hosted in HTML entries is distributed via CDN (Content Delivery Network), e.g., Contentful’s Content Delivery API.

This means two things: on the one hand, the content moves in a nodes’ network, and proximity criteria do the client’s delivery. This way, the closest node delivers the requested content, reducing latency considerably. To illustrate, in Colombia, we can find up to 15 nodes distributed between Bogotá, Medellín, and Barranquilla.

On the other hand, if a node goes down, the content will still be hosted in the CDN cache, so it will still be delivered. Simply put, it's speed and performance anytime, anywhere.

Integrations that go with you on any scale

If you do not know JAMstack, it is normal that you wonder at this point: a static site is a rather old and not very dynamic technology; why would it be a better idea for my company?

The problem with traditional platforms is that they are based on a rigid architecture. When the business grows and changes, so does the market and expectations and, as a result, the architecture becomes more and more limiting; incompatibilities, patches, downtime*,* and a lot of time spent on maintenance.

However, in JAMstack, the functionalities and all the dynamics you—really—need are provided by expert companies, 100% dedicated to the performance of their service, which by the way, are cloud-based. What does this mean? By being cloud-based*,* the modules and their resources are elastic, so they automatically respond to the increase in traffic and usage.

This on-demand condition allows companies to maintain better costs control while having the peace of mind that operations will not be affected. It ensures optimal performance even under intense situations, such as a VAT-free day.

Moreover, because JAMstack is a headless methodology, frontend optimization does not condition or overload the backend, as each service uses its own computing resources and servers. So if you're looking to scale regionally or even globally, you'll be ready for it.

Future-proof combination: JAMstack + Cloud 2

Accelerate new projects’ creation and enhance the experience

Developers often manage to create great digital works, and the UX teams give their all to achieve the best experience. But you don't always have as much time as you would like, and sometimes the context requires you to speed up your processes, as happened with the pandemic.

That’s where JAMstack shines. Because your platform is based on third-party integrations, you don't need to spend effort on server maintenance, updates, and patches, and it's the providers who take care of the performance.

Your teams can focus entirely on their areas and create the digital experience you're looking for, as the headless approach reduces bottlenecks. For instance, your content teams will be boosted; they will be able to publish new posts without needing a line of code with integrations like Contentful.

At Reign, we are experts in creating JAMstack architecture. We demonstrate time and again how JAMstack principles empower brands and prepare them for the future by defining their own path. The choice of specific integrations is at the discretion of each brand, and we take care to implement and accompany you every step of the way.

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