JAMstack prepares you to experience innovation

Iñaki BarturenSeptember 13, 2021

How simple is updating your digital platform? In JAMstack this is a priority, leaving behind the installations, setup, and tedious maintenance tasks to manage a conventional server and all the middleware necessary to run your business on the web.

Those who make up the JAMstack ecosystem have embraced another way of dealing with change when driving the digitalization of the business. In the quest to deliver an omnichannel experience as a critical factor for their differentiation and sustainability, they know that even if everything is alright, they'll have to adapt and change again at some point.


JAMstack is more than just a new technology stack

As we can see, JAMstack is a development methodology and not a specific solution or a particular software compilation; it allows you to address any function that your brand might need to create its digital contact points. It is more a philosophy that brings together a community of innovation-loving companies and organizations to search for the best possible result (tailored to you) using the fundamental components; JavaScript, API, and Markup.

Each business in this ecosystem is differentiated by the features developed, so it is not an open competition to find the best solution. For example, it wouldn't make sense to think that Reblaze is competing with Commercetools. The former solution focuses on security and the latter on business operations.

In JAMstack, integrations have their own cloud-hosted servers. The API-First principle in development implies serverless, since the back-end related to the features is the responsibility of each provider. It is up to you and your team to decide which language or CMS to use, as it follows an agnostic approach to stacks logic.

An ecosystem that evolves with you

At Reign, we are partners and promote JAMstack because we trust the potential coming from simple, light, and agile developments. Moreover, the decision of the specific stack is left to each business, which helps to address the specific characteristics of each, creating a tailor-made platform.

In fact, we recently talked about Netlify and their efforts towards developing DPR (Distributed Persistent Rendering) by launching solutions such as On-demand Builders. At Netlify, they decided to change the paradigm in the site's build by differentiating the content type to be loaded, prioritizing the critical content (essential for the site) over the rest.

In summary, your site will load the most important things first, and the rest will be on stand-by to be requested. The magic of DPR is that, once the additional content is requested, it will be stored in the CDN's cache, so from that moment on, it will be loaded and available for the following coming user.

This is not an answer to a specific problem but rather the ambition to develop a solution that evolves with the big brands. There are sites with hundreds of thousands of pages of content, so if they are loaded each time their sites are queried, it will take quite a few minutes to obtain a result, something you cannot afford in eCommerce.


Do you know how to tell between change and innovation?

If all goes well, prepare for the change; and if something doesn't work, prepare as well. Change, or rather the action of change is inherent to the business and cannot always be intentional, as shown by 2020. However, when your strategy includes change as a constant, and you leverage it to include new ideas, you transform it into innovation.

This factor makes the difference; one thing is to be aware that you are going to have to change at some point, and another is to be prepared for it. In the case of your platform, this implies a willingness to integrate or remove some features without impacting service continuity.

Thus, among those who use JAMstack, there is a corporate alliance that promotes the same principles for modular integrations and static web platforms: MACH Alliance.

The MACH Alliance was created to help companies leverage the most innovative enterprise technologies available in the quest to break the launch cycle and free brands from dependence on single solutions.

It fosters the exchange of knowledge among the companies that are part of MACH, because one of the pillars of the alliance is to make companies future-proof. And to achieve this, they must foster an organizational culture that experiences innovation as a way of doing business.

Large companies trust this technological stack

Today, when we talk about digitization and change in the business environment, the bet is on an omnichannel strategy, which standardizes the architecture and design, but with the ability to adjust each feature to the market or customer segment desired.

For a business that has reached sufficient organizational maturity to deliver the same quality shopping experience through any channel is key. Change becomes part of the planning, and the platform is always ready to change its features. When properly prepared, change should not be uncertain.

Coca-Cola Embonor

At Reign, one of the shiniest recent projects is perhaps the system we developed for Coca-Cola Embonor. A static platform for one of the largest businesses in Chile, which promptly loads in a couple of seconds (check it out here). In it, we integrate Algolia to get an on-the-fly search engine; that is, the search returns results as characters are entered.

In addition to the site's loading speed and user-friendliness, it integrates all the business features the company needs to offer quick and easy retail services. We love the result.

BUPA Chile

Another case is that of the BUPA national subsidiary, a global company in the healthcare sector. The challenge was to develop a better strategy to manage the local digital platform and all the clinics in the national network. No business features were needed, but rather a friendly platform to provide quick information on coverage, a calendar for medical appointments, and news.

To unify the various previously independent platforms, we used atomic design to standardize the design and a headless approach for omnichannel management. Whether you are looking for an appointment at the clinic in Antofagasta or Santiago, the experience will be the same.

At Reign, we develop JAMstack platforms to reduce complexity within your organization and make the customer's digital experience more sophisticated. If you want to learn more about our success stories and the JAMstack ecosystem, visit us here. ​Copiar al portapapeles

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