Learn about the importance of MACH Alliance Certification

Iñaki BarturenNovember 30, 2021

MACH Alliance promotes future-proof technology and powers a complete ecosystem of companies focused on building the best solutions for your digital platform. To differentiate themselves from an ocean of offerings, MACH Alliance members have their own certification.

This seal seeks to become a guarantee mainly for large corporations hiring new products for their digital evolution. Another way of looking at it is that this alliance aims to take responsibility for the principles it follows and the objectives it promises to meet.

Learn about the importance of MACH Alliance Certification

MACH Alliance certification in building a digital platform

MACH Alliance seeks that companies have first-level providers for their needs, and for that, it promotes the creation of solutions that follow a series of principles and technologies. In fact, these characteristics are part of its name: microservices (M), API-First (A), Cloud-Based SaaS (C), and Headless (H).

  • Through its certification process, the MACH Alliance ensures that suppliers adhere to the principles of developing future-proof technology in its entirety, which means that they must follow this philosophy as a whole company and not just with some of their products. For example, a company seeking certification through a Headless CMS, if it also has monolithic products in its service offering, would not be able to achieve this distinction.
  • The MACH certification can take two forms, although both meet the same standards. The difference is that one is for System Integrators Certification, and the other is for Independent Software Vendors Certification.
  • MACH differentiates between SaaS that ties into the vital functions of your platform, such as BigCommerce, and those providers that constitute a functionality contained within itself. For example, a search system that helps to enhance the digital experience of people accessing your site.
  • The evaluation criteria are specific to the MACH Alliance's goals of creating modular, highly flexible platforms with API integrations to decoupled systems.
    • This entity looks for the best ways to evaluate providers, so no peer evaluator may belong to the same market as the company analyzed. This reduces possible biases, so only companies that demonstrate quality internal processes, commitment to future technology, and are part of the cloud-based ecosystem may obtain this grade.

Learn about the importance of MACH Alliance Certification 2

A seal of confidence for the big brands

According to a report by Deloitte, public cloud services will receive an estimated revenue of 308 billion dollars in 2021, which will increase to almost 355 billion dollars next year. With this, the offer of digital solutions is growing every day; therefore, it is difficult to distinguish those modern technologies from so much noise.

With this in mind, the alliance has driven the creation and promotion of certification as a commitment to companies in their development. Thus, this degree becomes a seal of confidence for those seeking first-class and future-proof technologies.

In short, MACH certification delivers:

  • A way to distinguish those SaaS providers whose solutions give competitive advantages to the platforms.
  • At the same time, they safeguard the integrity of the systems, facilitating their integration even with other different SaaS.
  • In addition, they protect the information they use, being explicit and transparent in the care of privacy.
    • The seal guarantees that the company is one of the best alternatives available today and that it has everything it needs to remain in the market in the future—a guarantee for the long term.

What it means to be future-proof technology

We no longer need to wait years for the technology of the future. The MACH Alliance certification reflects that the selected companies have the processes and technologies to develop products that respond to market requirements quickly, facilitating the adoption of change as part of digital development.

Recently, the alliance published the newly certified companies that became part of the MACH ecosystem. This means that in addition to growing as a company, they are committed to promoting the development of technologies;

  • Easy to integrate with systems and other applications via APIs
  • Cloud-native, ensuring automatic scaling and elasticity of computing resources
  • Flexible in their incorporation and replacement so that the teams can use the services as modules that can be fitted according to the company's needs, safeguarding the performance and maintaining agility in the development of the platforms.
    • One last aspect that this certification pursues is that together with actions in the search for the highest standards, there must be a change in the way of conceiving the development of technologies: the responsibility with the organizations must be the priority to provide transparency and honesty in the way of creating new relationships with customers.

      At Reign, we are partners of the best exponents of the MACH ecosystem, such as Contentful and Algolia. We like to relate to these companies because we understand the importance of having suppliers that use objective criteria and transparent practices in their products, with straightforward cost methods, who are concerned about increasing the efficiency of their services permanently, always prioritizing the protection of your systems.

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