Pre-Composed: A strategic change

Iñaki BarturenSeptember 14, 2022

Do you know Elastic Path’s Pre Composed Solution? It’s a ready-to-deploy alternative for brands that, by including other vendors, preserves the principles of modularity and customization.

It’s integrated into the ecosystem of cloud solutions for e-Commerce and has all the tools Elastic Path offers. In other words, brands can adopt composable commerce instantly.

Pre-Composed: A strategic change

E-Commerce growth across the region

Over the past few years, the Latin American and Caribbean region has stood out for sustaining its upward trend despite global uncertainty and rising international trade costs. On top of that, the World Bank expects GDP to increase, on average, 2% annually between 2022 and 2024.

Regarding e-Commerce users in the region, it’s estimated that there will be more than 320 million in 2022, and in 2024 it will reach 352 million users.

As e-Commerce kept growing, brands had to develop new capabilities, a phenomenon that struck every corner of the world. All this was to meet the new expectations of individuals, brands, and companies that employ B2B platforms.

New capabilities for B2B in a digital environment

When the first digital payment systems appeared, the sector was skeptical since switching from a physical transaction to a digital one was a shock on so many levels, mostly in shopping habits. In 2020, we saw a similar situation with brands migrating to digital platforms, where B2Bs enhanced the digital experience through improved commerce capabilities.

After brands joined the digital platforms, many advantages were observed, such as the cloud environment’s growth in modular solutions. The advancement brought greater customization of platforms and digital experience.

Moreover, the diversification of sales channels has led brands to develop more complex and far-reaching strategies. While this can be achieved in several ways, the most successful outcome lies in the omnichannel strategy.

We now have solutions offering every commercial tool that a brand may need, with the option to keep a platform open to new modular integrations. We are talking about Pre-Composed Solutions.

Why Pre-Composed Solution for B2B?

B2B platforms are known for their personalized attention as their users aren't temporary visitors but rather brands that have previously agreed upon contractual terms and conditions. Basically, it’s a platform for a specific audience that requires different and special services.

Since not all brands have teams with the skills to implement this type of platform—as it requires a lot of effort, work, and resources—Elastic Path, one of our partners, fully addressed this issue.

Currently, Elastic Path provides a pre-assembled solution (ergo the name) that integrates every commercial operation capability and function available in your Commerce Cloud environment.

Its modular platform status is still intact, greatly benefiting brands as it dramatically reduces implementation time and effort. Thus, brands can now link it with their choice’s content management system, CRM, or ERP.

For those who are ready to turn into a global brand and are looking to move to the next level as soon as possible, Pre-Composed Solutions are the high-quality alternative for commercial platforms.

What's even better, is that its modular nature has the same advantages that the composable commerce has; the platform development approach has gained traction in the enterprise environment for its flexibility and highly customizable experience.

Composable commerce ready to deploy

Elastic Path’s Pre-Composed Solution it’s a proposal compiling the lessons learned from the acceleration of digitalization in the past few years. And by optimizing the main features of composable commerce, it can achieve a more pragmatic approach.

  • Modular components are the basis of this platform. They help the composition of a B2B according to each brand and provide well-defined functions contained in autonomous software pieces.
  • Highly compatible technology by being cloud-native and API-First. In other words, operations are executed in their own environment and simplify communication between systems by using API calls.
  • It’s ready to start implementing omnichannel. It unifies every sales channel in the same operations platform, thus easing the adoption of this commercial strategy.
  • Increases data analytics by having a wider range of components tracking digital interactions.
    • It’s paramount for brands to match their expectations with their objective. Although composable commerce is not suitable for everyone, it’s still a good alternative for expanding brands.

      You will find the best modular technology partner at Reign, especially if you want to know how to implement a B2B platform for your brand. We specialize in developing customized digital platforms, and in doing so, we team up with the best leaders in e-Commerce and digital solutions.

Pre-Composed: A strategic change