The 6 commandments of the JAMstack philosophy

Iñaki BarturenJuly 01, 2021

JAMstack has motivated new searches; some have devoted entirely to the adventure and deployment of this new way. Other visionaries search for specific answers, such as making the current infrastructure compatible, which elements to do without, or which ones to include.

JAMstack commandments flower

Road to adventure

The search is intense, the first explorations provide exciting results, and we hope that our deployments will motivate new adventures.

But in the search, it will always be essential to remember the commandments that will keep us in balance and focused on the goal; deploy the best web solutions for your challenges.

The commandments of the JAMstack philosophy

1. You will be API-First

You will change to a layer of third-party microservices -APIs- to satisfy your needs and those of your users. You will interact from JavaScript to link it, managing to simplify your infrastructure, more clearly defining the limits of each API.

2. You will have a serverless deployment

Based on the first commandment, you will have microservices hosted on their own infrastructure. You will not need to configure your server, yet you will interact with these APIs when you seek to adjust them to your needs.

The structure of these services will be on-demand as offered by AWS Lambda, Google App Engine, or Heroku, which allows for automatic scaling and also free up time required in the backend.

3. You will reduce the contact surface area

You will see the surface *area* or contact area of your project reduced thanks to the fact that each function will be well segmented, maintaining the autonomy of these microservices from each other. The repositories will be hosted on secure and clear-term platforms.

This implies security both in the protection of the content and in the connectivity since the vast majority of technologies such as Netlify for deployment are hosted in the cloud* reducing the risk of being offline.

With content distributed via the CDN - Netlify Edge, in the case of Netlify - there will be less response time for searches and load on the devices. This provides two positive attributes: better search rankings and a better customer (or user) side experience.


Growing and evolving are processes that must be planned from the beginning of the project. The JAMstack philosophy involves preparing for the future.

4. You will captivate as you grow

Thanks to the reduction in complexity for web deployment using JAMstack, we will be aware of the increase in the capacity to scale our product since it will be made up of fewer parts and related codes, which reduces the chances of failure by having fewer steps and fragments of code to maintain. At the same time, you will free up valuable development time and dedication to improving the interaction of your product in the search to captivate with it.

5. You will pay attention to History

Git technology, a key element in your future JAMstack project, will provide us with extensive development history, ranging from who intervened code fragments to who ran tests in parallel.

Git will log our development history, and in addition, it will provide us with storage services for our files and allow linking with the APIs that will require reading them. It will also enable you to develop tests of the same project in various languages.

6. You will migrate to a JAMstack CMS

You will experience the use of the headless CMS, hence quoting Mathias Biilmann & Phil Hawksworth from Netlify:

"(...) whether they are projects linked via API or Git-based will mean being able to think about editing content from an interface that is completely separate from the frameworks and tools that deploy when loading the website".

That will be the critical difference when referring to a conventional CMS and talking about a JAMstack ready CMS.

To the adventure!

We cannot ensure that there will be no difficulties. In this type of project, it is always possible to find challenges, but we can overcome them if we are faithful to the commandments in our deployment.

Your development team will enjoy being able to dedicate themselves more fully to creating your product content and will live an adventure that allows them to overcome the much-dreaded comfort trap** thanks to the serverless approach.

We are your allies. At Reign, we are faithful to these commandments to provide you with the best partnership for your new adventure.

*Note: Finally, multiple servers are pre-configured and distributed in various geographical locations, thus facilitating the connection between nodes even when a node is disconnected since the information is also distributed. When we stop innovation and development in a search to reduce the risk of error to zero rather than by the pursuit of a new achievement. We settle in and become reluctant to what is new or complex.