The keys to an eCommerce ready for exponential growth

Iñaki BarturenJanuary 12, 2022

eCommerce has become one of the main lines in technologies development, focused on commercial needs and sophisticating the online experience. But generating a digital presence that stands out from the competition requires a combination of factors; cutting-edge technology, teams ready for the challenges, and experts to support you.

The keys to an eCommerce ready for exponential growth

Quality; a growth strategy

Usually, we think of three ways to grow an eCommerce; increase traffic, increase conversions and increase the value per purchase. These are fundamental elements in a digital platform strategy—yes, but boosting them does not ensure that you maintain growth over time.

So, even if you were wildly successful in your strategy of attracting more traffic, if you don't have a platform capable of dealing with an increase in demand for your services, you have created your own trap. On the other hand, even if the value per purchase grows, if the person had a hard time achieving their goal or did not perceive a pleasant experience, it is unlikely that they will return to your store.

When conditions change, you will need to change with them, and the best way to be prepared is to be able to scale or modify the components of your platform independently. It is something that only a decoupling between the frontend and the backend allows.

Thus, a decoupled platform brings significant advantages for large brands. Because it increases operational security and is better prepared for scaling, companies can modify the elements, adding or removing functionalities according to their needs at the time, safeguarding the service quality and the experience delivered over time.

Agile eCommerce is cloud-based

In the United States alone, in 2020, the relative weight of eCommerce reached almost 20% of total retail sales, a little less than $800 billion (USD). Looking at it from the relative weight of 2018 to date, it is a growth of more than 30%, which allows us to dimension the speed of expansion of digital commerce.

In Chile, the behavior was no different: total retail sales grew by more than 195% in 2020, where one of the major milestones was the growth of electronic goods with 235%.

This dynamic forces brands to project a future where digital channels are the commercial axes; strengthening the web architecture is a priority. For this, the best alternative available to brands (in our opinion) is the one with its own servers**, cloud-based technology.**

For example, you can create eCommerce based on microservices, self-contained functionalities that communicate via API with your systems. Simple, secure, and high-performance, this development philosophy is the foundation for the Composable Commerce and, in general, for all architectures with a modular approach.

When your frontend has cloud-based software, the performance of your platform increases since the backend is simplified by not being the center of all operations. Although, it may initially mean a change to the traditional way of managing a site, all future integrations will be easier.

These "connections with specialized services" increase the quality and performance of your platform, which directly affects people's trust in your brand.

 The keys to an eCommerce ready for exponential growth 2

The importance of creating a digital experience

When brands care about the digital experience, they explicitly show their focus on people. These types of interactions increase brand loyalty, leading to longer-term relationships.

It is proven that it will always be better for businesses to keep loyal customers than to seek new conversions constantly. Hence, building the digital experience plays a central role in the growth of brands.

You can design an immersive digital experience with the right people or partner with expert companies like Reign. Whichever way you choose to go as a brand, the best way to achieve this is to have:

  • Flexible web architecture allows you to customize the frontend independent of the internal systems or backend. Equally important is to manage and orchestrate all the content of your platform autonomously.
  • Intensive use of data creates knowledge about the people who prefer them and the segments of people they want to approach; you transform suggestions, banners, and communications into value only by knowing the prospects. Otherwise, they are spam, causing the opposite of the desired effect.
    • In a digital environment where behaviors and expectations are constantly changing, companies must be in a position to adapt fast while maintaining the consistency and quality of the experience they offer. In the end, people want more than just a simple commercial interaction; they want to feel part of an environment that your brand builds through its platform.

      Companies must have services capable of adapting to a global environment and versatility to change as needs evolve. While it is impossible for brands to fully anticipate what's coming in the future, with the right technology and expert advice from Reign, they can have the best tools to adapt to change quickly.