Three benefits of omnichannel with JAMstack

Felipe SilbersteinOctober 27, 2021

When we create a new JAMstack site for a brand, one of the aspects that generates the most questions is why to use this approach. We explain that it plays a central role in site management by decoupling the frontend from the backend, allowing faster iteration between teams or facilitating future integrations. But finally, the one reason that always convinces the most is the relationship between a JAMstack platform and omnichannel, which allows brands to put people at the center of the business strategy.

In fact, the main benefit of omnichannel is its ability to deliver a consistent, high-level experience across channels, independent of the different devices people use to interact with the brand.

3 Benefits of omnichannel with JAMstack 01

The importance of improving your brand's digital experience.

Suddenly, 2020 forced us to close stores and suspend much of the processes that made up our shopping experience. The response from brands was to mobilize all capabilities to online sales channels and redevelop logistics. But not everyone was prepared to fully occupy digital and remote platforms, which directly affected people's perception of brands.

That's why at Reign, we start from the idea that whoever visits your site is seeking an experience; to buy, learn, and be entertained (at least). You have to know and please people; a visitor can become a customer if he feels a warm welcome, and the platform guides him to complete his decision and even beyond.

In a report by PwC, 73% of the people surveyed responded that the experience is a determining factor in their purchase decision. And this is related to the fact that in a Zendesk study, 74% of the people surveyed stated that they feel loyal to a particular brand, where service quality is the second most influential factor in their loyalty (only after price).

The result is that creating an excellent digital experience for the different profiles of people who visit your site is vital.

An example of a customer experience strategy is the case of Coca-Cola Embonor. They were looking for an architecture that would allow them to build their new platform in a couple of months, pressured by possible quarantines in early 2020. They needed it to be scalable and adjust the interaction with people to build memorable experiences.

So we proposed a powerful combination of Contentful, CommerceLayer, and Algolia. Complete platform management across their different channels, linking all the logistics, business, and inventory functions they needed, and predictive search, allowing people to quickly get to what they need in a couple of clicks. A top-notch platform.

If you want to learn more about this and other success stories, visit the Latam Headless Commerce Week sessions we held in April of this year.

Benefits of omnichannel in your JAMstack platform

For long-term loyalty, preference must be reciprocal, i.e., people must perceive that brands care about their tastes and opinions. This implies being available with the same warmth from wherever they want to find you and even continuing the experience by moving from one channel to another, for example, starting with a phone call and proceeding to payment through the platform from the mobile, almost as if the brand "remembers" them.

Thus, omnichannel is a strategy that seeks to generate a more lasting relationship with the customer, standardizing the experience in all channels available to a brand with an emphasis on digital platforms, seeking to offer the same quality customer experience in all of them.

In this sense, the JAMstack architecture facilitates the adoption of an omnichannel strategy by decoupling the frontend from the backend. In simple terms, this allows multiple frontends to be connected to the same backend; thus, regardless of the channel, the information is shared, and with it, the business functions that operate behind the interface without repeated information or cross-referencing of orders.

Some of the main benefits of omnichannel in a JAMstack architecture are the following:

  • It enables eCommerce to be strengthened by centralizing data collection and communication across multiple channels. This enables a better understanding of people's behavior and, with it, sophistication of the experience.
  • JAMstack's own headless approach facilitates content management, for example, by incorporating Contentful, which allows each component to be handled as rich, assemblable blocks, ready for reuse; so creating a new sales channel will not mean repeating work, just selecting the necessary content types and putting the platform into action.
  • Increase people's accessibility to your brand, unifying the strategy for all channels and incorporating integrations for each situation previously identified, for example, adding a button for night mode or sepia for those who need to change the classic RGB.
Benefits of omnichannel with JAMstack

JAMstack: an accessible and personalized future

The future of personalized eCommerce must be based on accessibility and preferences. Any solution delivered through digital channels must be accessible, easy to use, transparent, complete, and satisfying.

At Reign we believe that an omnichannel strategy is about building a personal connection while optimizing your business for the future. It's about being everywhere the customer wants to be, allowing you to become part of their preferences while, in parallel, mitigating the risks to a new kind of changing scenario by having a flexible and always-ready architecture.

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