Why Composable changes the eCommerce scene

Felipe SilbersteinOctober 25, 2021

In 2020 when we heard about Composable Commerce, at Reign, we first asked ourselves what value it added, this already thinking about the benefits of creating platforms under a JAMstack philosophy or even MACH architecture. At that time, we were only thinking about a web platform.

We happily discovered that rather than some other technology per se, it was a better way to develop the brands' digital transformation strategy in the idea of a modular architecture.

why composable commerce changes eCommerce scene

Key elements in the digital transformation of eCommerce

The acceleration of digitalization in companies is not only due to the need to sell online as a response to the pandemic. This digital transformation is based on the sustained growth of the population connected to the Internet. Currently, almost 67% of the world's population has access to the network from a cell phone, which has led brands to rethink their points of communication and be ready to open new points of contact in different parts of the world.

Thus, globalization in business has allowed the development of many technological solutions that facilitate the internal management of companies. At Reign, we are partners of some of them, such as BigCommerce or Elastic Path; fully cloud-native services powered by API integrations that allow us to adapt to the market and the needs of consumers quickly—even incorporating tax rates according to the country and its laws in a modular way.

Modern brands aim to position their differentiating products and bring them to market quickly; in parallel, leading IT organizations are looking for ways to advance the solution ecosystem in line with consumer demands on the web and emerging opportunities. Out of this comes the idea of Composable Commerce; a strategy based on a modular architecture, an open and business-centric ecosystem.


Composable is the future of eCommerce

In its 2021 report on Composable Commerce, Elastic Path exposed its study. More than 250 decision-makers from the digital and technology areas of different companies participated, showing that more than 58% of them were using Composable Commerce solutions. Today, Composable Commerce is already part of several companies' business plans, a little more than a year after its origin.

According to Gartner, the sooner brands start integrating this new way of creating their digital touchpoints, the better prepared they are for future changes, increasing the speed of new integrations by up to 80%.

We can summarize the advantages of adopting a modular architecture in three aspects:

1. Flexible platforms that adjust to the business

Of course, it's easy to say; the truth is that each experience requires a strategy with its objectives and methods of execution, so why should platforms behave differently? With globalization in business, thanks to the expansion of the Internet worldwide, brands have the opportunity to be one click away from people. Composable Commerce is just that, the way to create flexible and adjustable platforms to the needs of the business. At Reign, we long ago forgot about all-in-one platforms; we create and implement only the best headless platforms with components; modular, flexible, and that scale automatically on demand.

2. Power digital transformation

By migrating to headless platforms, the digital transformation of brands benefits from being created according to their business needs.
Think about how this was done before: having many dependencies of an all-in-one system with countless components that were not required.
Composable is a game-changer, allowing the generation of lighter, faster platforms with the capacity to incorporate new elements without jeopardizing the availability of the service or the rest of the components. This last aspect is an additional value because the providers are completely cloud-based, which generates autonomy and resilience in the sites, as they only need to communicate via API.

3. Shorter iterations

Composable Commerce generates shorter iterations and allows new integrations to be put into production quickly. Key to faster delivery, faster time to market, and better experiences for people across all devices and touchpoints.

At Reign, we know the advantages and benefits of transforming your eCommerce to Composable. Your brand gains freedom and autonomy in both its platform and its own business. That's why we only partner with the best solution providers with a headless approach.

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